Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

We have two new nieces. My brother and his wife had their first baby two weeks ago.  They live about four hours away so we took the long weekend to go and visit. My mom also came to visit (again. she loves her grand babies) a six hour drive from the opposite direction as us. We had a lovely time dyeing eggs, eating candy and holding the baby, hopefully the new mommy and daddy did too. Having a family with three small kids come to visit two weeks postpartum is a lot to handle.
We stayed for two nights (Thursday and Friday) because we needed to be back home for Sunday because my sister in law  had a baby girl a week ago and was blessing her this Sunday  We were planning on getting home Saturday night to have lots of time getting ready Sunday morning but stopped at my in laws  ( half way home) to visit and then stayed over night. Ooops. 
With just enough time to get home and change and then get to church we sped off. 

My poor little Juju has been having a hard time with her eczema lately and developed and huge gross patch of it on her neck which started weeping on Saturday ( we had a bandage on it) then I noticed that she was developing spots on her face and arms. 


Thankfully I knew exactly what it was. Impetigo. 
Don't look up pictures of it. trust me. 
Any way Juju's doesn't look the same! 

So on the two hour drive home we decided that I will stay with baby S and Juju while Matt and A go to the baby blessing, they were late, but had a fun after noon with friends and cousins and food and other family. 

The two littler ones and I went to the hospital clinic to get her some meds. So the poor dear is on antibiotics to clear up he nasty little infection, so far she has been a champ at taking them. And after just three doses it is starting to look a lot better. And now we need to get an appointment with a dermatologist so we can get her eczema cleared up so it doesn't get infected... for a third time.

Oh and we had lunch with my good friend who I haven't sen in years! it was a great weekend.

Happy Thought
It really seems like its spring for good.
there is no school this week.
I love my family.

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