Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rest

The remainder of out little holiday to B.C. was very lovely. We went on a little walk around Knox mountain, took loads of pictures of orchards, drove out to Peachland to go to Parrot Island, which is not an island, did a little shopping and then make the long drive back home with a few fun stops.

Parrot Island is a sanctuary of sorts for unwanted parrots. The gentleman who runs the place takes in birds who are not compatible with the families who owned them etc. Parrots are very possessive and therefore an owner often has to give up the bird because the bird is jealous of other human relationships. We completely forgot to take any pictures, partly because it was deafening in the building due to parrots all clamouring for attention and partly because it was so interesting! Some could talk or wave or dance. Some thought they owned the place and if we weren't giving them attention they would scream till we came back. He had a hyacinth macaw as well as lots of green parrots and scarlet macaws and those light pink cockatoos and lots of others too.

On our way home we stopped at the log barn. It has lots of yummy food and a really cute gift shop. We each picked something! Julia got a long skinny bag of coloured popcorn, Anita picked a pretty mask, Matt got a sword, and I got a really cute ring. I also picked up a really cute little something for my sister in law's nursery. They had SO many pretty things there!
After that we drove back to crazy creek to spend the night there and go in the hot pools. The next day we stopped in Banff for lunch and drove past the Banff Springs Hotel.
We got home that evening and it was a lovely holiday.

Happy Thought
We have the ability to just take a few days off and go somewhere fun
We live in a country with so much beauty and diversity

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