Monday, April 1, 2013


We have been living here for four months now, five if you count living in a hotel during the week and at home on the weekends. Matt got a new job with the ATB back in November. And the relocation went pretty good, they sure treat their employees well. We had a moving allowance that was very generous. So we stayed in a hotel for the first month while we looked for a place to live and try to sell our house. We ate out everyday there were no chores other than laundry. It was pretty nice. 
Except our house didn't sell and so we didn't buy a new one.
So here we are in a little three bedroom condo renting after almost a year and a half in a much bigger house that we put a lot of work into. There is not a lot of room for all our 'stuff', we have been trying to de-junk. 

But we just sold out house in March. Like less than a week ago. So We are SO glad that is off out plate.

The town is really great it is smallish, with a big city half an hour away. Matt and I each have a sister there so it is nice to see them more often.

The elementary school, which is literally almost out the back door, is beyond my expectations. They have an alternative Montessori program for K-3, A is in the K-1 class and Juju will be in next year! It is SO fabulous! 

So we are moved and making friends and trying to decide what to do with out lives.

Happy Thought, 

Matt had a good job,
and our house is sold!!

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  1. All very exciting!! Glad things are going well