Saturday, September 24, 2011


Matt is working this morning, I know a Saturday. This was never supposed to happen! He works at a bank! But lo and behold, it has! So he was of to work just before seven this morning and A woke up right before he left. This is good and bad because the girls get very upset if Matt leaves for work before they see him and it is way to early to be getting up on a Saturday (or any day for that matter!)
So up to my room came my dear little four year old who snuggled her chilly little body up to me to warm up. I asked her if she wanted to blinds closed so it would be darker and she said that was a good idea! As I got up to close the blinds on our east facing window above our bed I noticed the perfectly clear sky and the horizon about to spillover with sunlight. I asked A if she wanted to see the sun rise and with a look of pure wonder on her face she watched the sky for about ten minutes. The houses blocked the horizon so we couldn't see the actual moment the sun came up, but it was so fun to lay there and watch her little face as she talked about the colours of the sky (kinda peachy)and the birds and trees (they look like wind mills). We talked about how beautiful the sunrise is and how blessed we are that Heavenly Father made the world so beautiful for us.

Happy Thoughts: Matt for working hard to take care of us ( plus he gets a $50 gift card to the mall for working today !)
My girls and how fun they are and the silly and insightful things they think of.