Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rest

The remainder of out little holiday to B.C. was very lovely. We went on a little walk around Knox mountain, took loads of pictures of orchards, drove out to Peachland to go to Parrot Island, which is not an island, did a little shopping and then make the long drive back home with a few fun stops.

Parrot Island is a sanctuary of sorts for unwanted parrots. The gentleman who runs the place takes in birds who are not compatible with the families who owned them etc. Parrots are very possessive and therefore an owner often has to give up the bird because the bird is jealous of other human relationships. We completely forgot to take any pictures, partly because it was deafening in the building due to parrots all clamouring for attention and partly because it was so interesting! Some could talk or wave or dance. Some thought they owned the place and if we weren't giving them attention they would scream till we came back. He had a hyacinth macaw as well as lots of green parrots and scarlet macaws and those light pink cockatoos and lots of others too.

On our way home we stopped at the log barn. It has lots of yummy food and a really cute gift shop. We each picked something! Julia got a long skinny bag of coloured popcorn, Anita picked a pretty mask, Matt got a sword, and I got a really cute ring. I also picked up a really cute little something for my sister in law's nursery. They had SO many pretty things there!
After that we drove back to crazy creek to spend the night there and go in the hot pools. The next day we stopped in Banff for lunch and drove past the Banff Springs Hotel.
We got home that evening and it was a lovely holiday.

Happy Thought
We have the ability to just take a few days off and go somewhere fun
We live in a country with so much beauty and diversity

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surprise!! Day one

It was the end of spring break. We wanted to go to the zoo and Matt had gotten part of the day off, we were all ready to go as soon as the handyman fixed the lock on the door. So off we went to the city with a quick stop at my sisters to borrow her stroller. Matt was going to go in and get it so we could be faster.
As in I talk to much.
We were also planning on going to Lethbridge that evening to spend the weekend with Matt's sister. So Matt had partially packed a few things so that when we got home from the zoo I could finish up and we could leave as soon as he was done work.
I remembered to tell Matt that we had to stop at the pharmacy before we went to Lethbridge to get Julia's cream for her eczema
'What? I thought you got it yesterday!'
'Well they have to order it in so it won't be able to be picked up till today at noon.'
'Well that's a problem, we're not going back'
'Yes we are'
'No we're not'
'What?! But you have to work! Wait, don't you?'
'Nope, we aren't going home.'
'So we are just going straight to Lethbridge?'

By this time I'm kind of freaking out

'Why don't you check the weather' he suggests.
Which is perfectly normal way of distracting me after all we are going to the zoo right, we are going to be outside.
So I open the weather app on his phone and see Kelowna, wait, what? KELOWNA!!??
'We are going to KELOWNA?? But, I don't have anything I'm not packed'!
'I packed everything' he assures me.
I am very sceptical.
But excited, really excited, even if it is supposed to rain the whole time, which it is.
And he did not too bad on the packing, he brought loads of random stuff that he didn't know if I would need so he got everything I do need. And the girls will be dressed in decent clothes too. He only forgot socks.

So here we are in Revelstoke where we spent our first night. The drive was long but pretty. And I am looking forward to the warmer weather. I saw flocks of robins and the grass is green here already.
The only down sides so far is a mild case of food poisoning last night and a massive nose bleed this morning. Apparently we are about 500 m closer to sea level here.

Happy Thought
Matt knows how to surprise me and does it well.
And he loves me.

Monday, April 1, 2013


We have been living here for four months now, five if you count living in a hotel during the week and at home on the weekends. Matt got a new job with the ATB back in November. And the relocation went pretty good, they sure treat their employees well. We had a moving allowance that was very generous. So we stayed in a hotel for the first month while we looked for a place to live and try to sell our house. We ate out everyday there were no chores other than laundry. It was pretty nice. 
Except our house didn't sell and so we didn't buy a new one.
So here we are in a little three bedroom condo renting after almost a year and a half in a much bigger house that we put a lot of work into. There is not a lot of room for all our 'stuff', we have been trying to de-junk. 

But we just sold out house in March. Like less than a week ago. So We are SO glad that is off out plate.

The town is really great it is smallish, with a big city half an hour away. Matt and I each have a sister there so it is nice to see them more often.

The elementary school, which is literally almost out the back door, is beyond my expectations. They have an alternative Montessori program for K-3, A is in the K-1 class and Juju will be in next year! It is SO fabulous! 

So we are moved and making friends and trying to decide what to do with out lives.

Happy Thought, 

Matt had a good job,
and our house is sold!!

Easter weekend

We have two new nieces. My brother and his wife had their first baby two weeks ago.  They live about four hours away so we took the long weekend to go and visit. My mom also came to visit (again. she loves her grand babies) a six hour drive from the opposite direction as us. We had a lovely time dyeing eggs, eating candy and holding the baby, hopefully the new mommy and daddy did too. Having a family with three small kids come to visit two weeks postpartum is a lot to handle.
We stayed for two nights (Thursday and Friday) because we needed to be back home for Sunday because my sister in law  had a baby girl a week ago and was blessing her this Sunday  We were planning on getting home Saturday night to have lots of time getting ready Sunday morning but stopped at my in laws  ( half way home) to visit and then stayed over night. Ooops. 
With just enough time to get home and change and then get to church we sped off. 

My poor little Juju has been having a hard time with her eczema lately and developed and huge gross patch of it on her neck which started weeping on Saturday ( we had a bandage on it) then I noticed that she was developing spots on her face and arms. 


Thankfully I knew exactly what it was. Impetigo. 
Don't look up pictures of it. trust me. 
Any way Juju's doesn't look the same! 

So on the two hour drive home we decided that I will stay with baby S and Juju while Matt and A go to the baby blessing, they were late, but had a fun after noon with friends and cousins and food and other family. 

The two littler ones and I went to the hospital clinic to get her some meds. So the poor dear is on antibiotics to clear up he nasty little infection, so far she has been a champ at taking them. And after just three doses it is starting to look a lot better. And now we need to get an appointment with a dermatologist so we can get her eczema cleared up so it doesn't get infected... for a third time.

Oh and we had lunch with my good friend who I haven't sen in years! it was a great weekend.

Happy Thought
It really seems like its spring for good.
there is no school this week.
I love my family.