Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surprise!! Day one

It was the end of spring break. We wanted to go to the zoo and Matt had gotten part of the day off, we were all ready to go as soon as the handyman fixed the lock on the door. So off we went to the city with a quick stop at my sisters to borrow her stroller. Matt was going to go in and get it so we could be faster.
As in I talk to much.
We were also planning on going to Lethbridge that evening to spend the weekend with Matt's sister. So Matt had partially packed a few things so that when we got home from the zoo I could finish up and we could leave as soon as he was done work.
I remembered to tell Matt that we had to stop at the pharmacy before we went to Lethbridge to get Julia's cream for her eczema
'What? I thought you got it yesterday!'
'Well they have to order it in so it won't be able to be picked up till today at noon.'
'Well that's a problem, we're not going back'
'Yes we are'
'No we're not'
'What?! But you have to work! Wait, don't you?'
'Nope, we aren't going home.'
'So we are just going straight to Lethbridge?'

By this time I'm kind of freaking out

'Why don't you check the weather' he suggests.
Which is perfectly normal way of distracting me after all we are going to the zoo right, we are going to be outside.
So I open the weather app on his phone and see Kelowna, wait, what? KELOWNA!!??
'We are going to KELOWNA?? But, I don't have anything I'm not packed'!
'I packed everything' he assures me.
I am very sceptical.
But excited, really excited, even if it is supposed to rain the whole time, which it is.
And he did not too bad on the packing, he brought loads of random stuff that he didn't know if I would need so he got everything I do need. And the girls will be dressed in decent clothes too. He only forgot socks.

So here we are in Revelstoke where we spent our first night. The drive was long but pretty. And I am looking forward to the warmer weather. I saw flocks of robins and the grass is green here already.
The only down sides so far is a mild case of food poisoning last night and a massive nose bleed this morning. Apparently we are about 500 m closer to sea level here.

Happy Thought
Matt knows how to surprise me and does it well.
And he loves me.

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