Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I'm half done already, surprise! The first half always goes so quickly, no one can tell I'm expecting and I don't get sick either ( or at lease sick enough for it to be noticeable). Being pregnant is pretty easy for me. The worst part is the round ligament pain, which started at about 10 weeks. It feels like my pelvis is in two separate parts that grind together unpleasantly when I move wrong, or at all.
We had our ultrasound last week, which I love! Ultrasounds are so amazing, it makes it so much more real to actually see the baby, alive, moving and yawning. It never gets old.
I had been feeling a bit nervous/apprehensive about having three kids. Like, I only have two hands! Lately I have been feeling better about it. Maybe because I'm having another girl. I can do girls. I know how they work. We had been hoping for a boy. But I always felt kind of weird about it. So good thing its a girl I guess. Plus I promised Matt last time that if it was a girl he could use a name he really likes. So he is still happy. ( he was happy any way, a baby is a baby)
Happy Thought: Its Christmas! 16 days to be exact. YAY!