Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm a monster

I yell a lot. I know I shouldn't but I get mad and I yell. It's bad and I am trying to stop.  This helps. But I find myself just yelling SO much, I guess being aware of how much I do it is a start.
Maybe I do it so much the girls are conditioned to not hear me till I raise my voice.
Maybe they are just really good at ignoring me.
Maybe I am a monster and I can't stop yelling. Sometimes I feel like one.
Either way I will keep trying, and trying and trying.
And one day I will realize that I don't yell any more.

Happy Thought
Its getting warm, I didn't wear mitts to pick up A from school today!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A year later (almost)

What a year its been too. Baby S was ten days late (!!) and had been a marvelous baby ever since!! We are happy and doing well in a new town, much closer to a city. A is in kindergarten, J wishes she was and can't wait till next fall. I can though, having only one little one at home will be so strange.
There have been a lot of new experiences and big changes for us this year, and I hope to catch up on them all here.

Happy Thought
I am going to (try to) blog more!!