Monday, April 16, 2012


Today am officially due to have my baby! So come on Baby come out!
We have been super busy trying to finish the ceiling before baby comes and we are almost done! We only need to repaint to top of the walls and put up a couple more lights. Then the renos will be on hold for a few months so we can focus on baby.
Easter was pretty low key, we stayed home and had no company. Easter dinner was A&W because our stove decided to quit! ( it is now fixed thanks to our awesome friend!)
a few days before Easter Anita asked me 'Is the Easter Bunny real?'
So I old her I could tell her the truth or the fun answer. She wanted both. So I proceeded to tell her that he was not real, that mom and dad did it because it was a fun thing for us to do for her and her sister, because we love them and so little kids can believe in magic. Her response; 'Hahahaha you're not the Easter Bunny!!!"
Later that day she went on an errand with Matt and asked him about it, he told her the same thing I had and she was convinced this time but excited too. 'I didn't know you had easter candy!!' No connection was made that we buy candy from the store as far as I could tell, just super awesome that we have it and hide it! Then she got to help make up the baskets while Julia was sleeping. And has kept up a great front as to not knowing, she talks about the Easter Bunny to Julia and the other little ones we are around like she has no clue as to the big secret! So it is a fun game now to make sure the other kids don't find out. What a smart girl!!
Happy Thought: Some time in the next few days I should be holding my new baby!!