Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow drifts and Gingerbread

Our house faces the coulies ( for those if you who don't know that meant river valley) and is completely unprotected from the wind. Which, happily, means that our sidewalks are constantly being filled with drifts of snow. And for some reason when snow is blown horizontally it becomes hard as opposed to the fluffy quality it has when falling vertically. So we shovel and shovel and are threatened to not have our mail delivered unless the sidewalks are 'safe'. The neighbor kids are always asking for a dollar for shoveling out sidewalks. They rarely finish because we have a lot of sidewalks (we live on a corner).
So the other day while out shoveling two of the boys came over offering to help. The are very polite and helpful, so we have fun shoveling and talking. Then up comes the subject of payment. They would really like a dollar, each. I tell them I don't have a dollar but if it is ok with their Dad they can have a gingerbread cookie. This is fine with them, so I go inside and a few minutes later they come knocking on my door to collect. Matt gave them a whole stack. So now I am the cookie lady and am handing out cookies to all the kids that live in my row of houses. Plus 'one for my sister/dad/dad's girlfriend' but they LOVE the cookies so I don't mind. All of these kids have single parents and not a lot of money. I think I'll make a new batch this week just so I have enough! And as requested ice the cookies too.

Happy thought: It is December= almost Christmas, the Wedding, Julia's birthday and my birthday I will be 25 eeek!

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  1. I love this post! You are a very cool cookie lady. I remember Susan McNeely was the cookie lady in our neighbourhood in Slave Lake.
    I decided to comment today so you will know somebody read your blog, and be encouraged and maybe write another post.