Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catch up!

Whew! So I'm thinking I need to do a little better at this blog thing, 3 months is a little long.
Well a lot has happened, Christmas was great, the highlight being Duncan (my little brother's) wedding. He married a girl who I was friends with years ago, so it was a really fun time! And Julia turned 2!! ( I'll find the pictures soon).

Matt's job with ATB is going well. He spent tree weeks in Brooks. We were with him for two. It was fun while it lasted but being in a hotel for two weeks, well I was glad when it was over. It was also stinking cold!

We went to the temple last Saturday for the first time in ages. It was really great to go and spend time with Matt. On the way there I saw a robin!!!

Growing up waiting for the first signs of spring was done with much anticipation and celebration. I grew up in northern Alberta. Winter is a bit longer up there. Mom would celebrate when the sun had moved to shine in a certain window in the mornings! Down here it is different, the geese are here all year and the robins show up a month or so earlier than back home.
Plus there is no snow half or the winter.
In a was I miss the norther change of seasons. They were a bit more noticeable and drastic. Like the ditches over flowing with water and old ice that would slowly give way under rubber boots and you would have to move fast to avoid a bootful of frigid water.

The change of seasons if a fun and exciting time, but sometimes it is sad too. I feel the seasons of my life change a little once in a while as I go through new experiences, some exciting, some sad.
I recently had a miscarriage. It was very early. But it is still such a sad thing. It is interesting that sometimes until you experience something you have no idea how many others have experienced it too.
I have had such support from friends and family, and though I still have some days that are sad there are more and more happy ones in between. And I still need to give my body time to recover, I was pregnant and so my body has to get back to normal. And it is probably more difficult on my body to just be getting used to the idea of pregnancy just to have it end suddenly than it is to recover from a full term one where it can go through the steps properly.
Any way, I still get emotional over silly things. The girls were watching 'Lady and the Tramp' the other day and it make me cry. It was so silly. I wans't even watching it. I just heard Jim Dear on the phone to Aunt Sarah telling her they had a boy, he was so excited. And I just stood in the kitchen crying and laughing at myself.

Well I think I will quit while I am ahead.

Happy Thought: I am healthy, I can get pregnant again. I have a wonderful family.


  1. You are a wonderful woman, and I am so proud of you. Love you forever. Mom.

  2. Katie, Katie, your heart is deeper now. The sorrow makes room for more love. You are wonderful! I love you!