Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super cute crafts!

So my wonderful Mother in Law posted a really neat Christmas craft from this sight. Which lead me to this sight. And I found these other ones. I am constantly loosing my kids socks, and we have tonnes of mismatched socks, so these cute little crafts are perfect for us and I'm sure for lots of other mommies out there too!

No-Sew Baby Rattle

  • Mismatched baby booties
  • Cotton batting
  • Bell (we used a plastic cat ball with an enclosed jingle bell)
  • Ribbon

1. Stuff a baby sock with cottonbatting. Place a bell inside the batting, then twist the end of the sock and wrap it back over itself to form a ball.

2. Put the rattle inside another sock and securely tie the end with a short, double-knotted ribbon.

A Flock of Baby Socks

  • 5 baby socks
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Thread
  • Small beads and a needle
  • Tacky glue
  • 5 small felt triangles
  • Scissors
  • 3 yards of narrow ribbon
  • Embroidery needle
  • 6-inch embroidery hoop

Baby Sock Mobile
To make each bird, stuff a sock just up to the ankle with fiberfill. Tie a piece of thread securely around the toe, about an inch or so from the end, to make the head. Use another piece of thread to tie off the tail as shown. Sew on the bead eyes (or draw them on with a permanent marker). Then sew or glue on a felt triangle beak.

To hang the flock, cut the ribbon at varying lengths (we used 8, 10, and 16 inches). With the embroidery needle, thread a section of ribbon through the back of each bird. Knot together the loose ends and trim them. Then loop the ribbons around the hoop so the birds hang down. To keep the ribbons from sliding, you can attach them to the hoop with a dab of tacky glue. Hang the mobile with three additional loops of ribbon (be sure it hangs out of your baby's reach).

I also found THIS which is really cute and useful!

Happy Thought: We got paid today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow is a Holiday!

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