Thursday, August 25, 2011

playing catch-up

So, a lot has been going on over the summer, (I can't believe that is almost over either) starting with our move out to Fort Macleod. The move was actually pretty smooth the bank hired movers for us so we didn't even have to pack. I had a bit of an issue with that at first, like, some strange people coming in and touching all of my stuff. Too weird for me! I was having actual anxiety about it! But I had to just get over it because it was happening either way! They ended up being really friendly and great! So moving day came, after two days of packing and we all drove out to the new house!
On our first morning here, Matt's heel went through the shower floor! It was tiny 1'' tile mosaic stuff. So we began out first ever reno! The sub-floor was totally rotten so after much debate and several trips in to Lethbridge we found a shower surround that we could afford brought it home finished ripping out the old shower and sub floor putting in a new sub floor and putting in the new shower. (this really took closer to a week since most of it was being done in the evening)
And by the way this is the short version!! All in all we have a functioning shower and although it is not perfect it's a heck of a lot nicer that the old one but smaller.

Our other projects were painting over the yellow in the dining room and the maroon in the living room. Yep, great colours right? They are much better now! Thanks to all the help we had painting from my in laws and parents! We also put in an attic vent with my Dad's help. But the list is ever growing so hopefully we can get a bit more done before it gets too cold.

Happy Thought: We own our own home!! It is amazing really the blessings we have received in the last year!! Matt got his job at the Bank , we got out first new car, and now we have a house, just to name a few!! Plus the bank payed for all the legal fees etc. for the house!!

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