Thursday, August 25, 2011


My visit home was so great! I stayed in at my sisters on the friday night and stayed up till 2 am visiting with her and friends for her book club! I forgot my thyroid pills at home so I had to wait till saturday to figure out what I should to about that because it was a little late! As I set my alarm for the next morning to pick up my little sister from EFY (Especially for Youth, a conference put on by B.Y.U I think) My phone told me how long I had until the alarm went. Four hours and twenty minutes! Arg!! So off I went at about 6:45 saturday morning through Calgary ( I don't drive in big cities much) but at least there wasn't much traffic! With only one wrong turn I found where I needed to go , picked up my sister, went back for breakfast and off we went.

By the time I was almost to Red Deer around 10:30 I was falling asleep, so I called my wonderful in laws and stopped in to have a nap. My sister and my sister in law are close in age and good friends and the kids were happy to play with their uncles and grandparents!! The rest of the trip went well too even though Julia couldn't really sleep for the last hour, the poor thing she was so uncomfortable, but we made it and had a great time, quading, picking raspberries, helping in the garden, playing with the cat and jumping on the trampoline. Anita was so funny! Previously she has not been brave enough to try the quad but I took them both out for the first ride and she had a death grip around my waist, as we went down the road and a decent clip she bellowed, ' THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!' it was so funny!!

Plus there is all the yummy garden dinners with green beans and new potatoes with dill butter on them!! yum!!

The only hiccup was the flat tire on the way home! Thankfully we have roadside assistance! Although both the numbers I had/was given were WRONG!! ( how stupid) I finally did get help. and we were able to get a used tire for only $50! It could have been WAY worse than it was! It didn't happen in the middle on no where for one thing, and it took just over an hour for us to be on out way again!

Oh, and I was able to get an emergence supply of pills until Matt could send mine up, all in all everything worked out really well!!

Happy thought: I have a car that I can drive all the way home and not worry about it breaking. My kids have grandparents who love and are interested in them!!

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  1. I loved having you visit. I hope next time you can all come, and stay longer. I'm glad you enjoyed the things we did. I was feeling a little bad that we didn't do any big thing, but I guess what we did was what you wanted anyway. You are my happy thought.