Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going home!

In two days I will be making the long (12 hr) trek home to visit my parents!! I am SO excited to be home especially in the summer and eat all of mom's yummy garden food! I haven't been home in a few years, due to Matt being in school and having a junker for a car, but now we a have a job and a good car! Matt just can;t take time off in the summer so i am heading out with the girls! I willl be picking up my little sister from EFY in Calgary on the way through so she will be a big help on the drive up.
We will go swimming in the river, go for quad rides, walk through the fields, eat tonnes of raspberries and garden carrots and visit old friends!!

Its sad to leave Matt, he has a hard time being with out us, hopefully he will keep busy and find lots of things to do. I love him for not complaining about us leaving, I know he is thinking it. He understands my need to visit back home. even thought my parents were just here for a few days when we moved ( which I need to write about still).

So I am off to do laundry and try to get the house as put together as I can before we head out tomorrow night.

  • Happy Thought: the weather should be beautiful up north next week! And I get to go my sisters famous book club on friday night!!

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