Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sleep Tight.

Laying in bed with Anita at the end of a difficult evening, after the unexplained crying has ended, I finally feel myself relaxing. She must have felt it too because she put her sweet little face next to mine and wrapped her arm around my neck and said, " It's ok mommy I'll keep you safe."
I'm so glad that I have forgiving children and no matter how short tempered I've been, some cuddles and quality time seem to heal all the hurts I inflict.

I've been doing so well the last week, we have been using positive labeling. Which works well but requires lots of control on my part, but Anita responds well to it.

But I really need to get it together this week because Matt is leaving Wednesday night for a meeting in Calgary. He will only be gone for a little more that 24 hours. I'm sure we will live.

I need to read my scriptures more.
I'll do that right now I think, now that they are sleeping.
So sleep tight, and I'm glad that some one will be keeping me safe while I sleep.

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