Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Long term disability

Well we are officially on long term disability. Which is that not that bad. Matt is still getting 70% of his salary which is enough to just get by on, so I will probably be getting a job, which scares me a little but I am also excited! Who knows what it will be like and the pickings a pretty slim if I don't want to work at a fast food place. I would like a more grown up job but with out much experience working I'm a little sceptical I'll get one.

So it's been an interesting few months dealing with all of this, we've seen the specialist again recently and she is sending him for some imaging ( MRI etc.) and he is going to start seeing a physiotherapist.  He also has to up his dosage of the noratriptyline, and then up it again in a few weeks. So that is making him feel pretty lousy, and hopefully the side effects will not last as he had been on the lower dose for almost six weeks.

So here's to getting better soon and maybe having a slight change in what he does for work.

Happy Thought
We have free health care! The only out of pocket expense is part of the medication costs.
Having an employer with good benefits! I so grateful I do not have to financially support my family.

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