Friday, March 16, 2012

Home stretch.

The last few months have been pleasantly busy. We've done a little traveling, to both grandparents at Christmas and then to Calgary a couple of times to see my sister ( who is due the same day as I am). We have worked on the house, painting etc. and have kept busy with the girls, deciding if we should get a bigger car and growing a baby!
I will have to round up the pictures of the changes to the house, we repainted the bath room and it is 100 times better!
I only have a month left now, it has flown by! I am still a little nervous about having three kids. We will be out numbered. I love being pregnant and have pretty easy time of it. This time around has been a little more challenging, partly because I don't think I am as strong (in shape) this time and I just have less time to enjoy it. Having two other children, Matt has a real job and we own a house. It all takes up more time. But I still really am looking forward to having this baby in our family.
A says 'I feel happy about the new baby because I am so excited to meet her.
J says ' I feel excited about the baby because I will play with her. I love her! She is nice and cute and squishy!

Happy thought: some friends (who know what they are doing) are going to hang drywall on our ceiling so good by popcorn ceiling!! yay!

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