Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Job!

The last few months have been a little difficult, with the miscarriage, Matt being stressed about money and a whole lot of other things, we finally feel like things are moving forward! We were seriously considering leaving and finding a new job closer to family and that would pay better. Even though Matt was done his training he wasn't getting posted and it was driving me nuts! I seriously wanted to give his boss a piece of my mind! Did he not realize that he was messing with out lives and we could do nothing until we knew where we would be going?
However we both received advice from out fathers that we should stay here and wait a little more, when we realized that in separate converstaions we were getting the same answer we figured that we should probably listen! With in a week or so of deciding to stay we got posted!!
So after what felt like months, but was more like weeks, of waiting Matt has his official job!! I am SO excited and relieved! So we will be in Ft. Macleod. Not sure if we will move out there or not yet but that will come in time. Its nice to be moving forward and know where we will be for the next few years! ( job wise at least) The pay increase will be nice too!!

Happy Thought: Well it is a bit obvious, Matt got POSTED!!!! Also I'm feeling a lot better lately and had a blast at Time Out for Women, which is another story for another day!!

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