Sunday, September 12, 2010

The bad and the good.

I will start with the good.
Yesterday we went garage saleing*. We LOVE garage saleing. Matt got me a super old but pristine copy of 'Gone with the Wind' which is one of my favorite movies, but I have never read the book. And I found a beautiful long wool coat with a fur collar. for $3!!!
Today was Stake conference and I probably heard half of it which is a lot more than last time.
A friend stopped by this afternoon with some cookies and treats.

The bad news is that our van died yesterday, and it looks like it might be for good.
I can barely walk. My back started hurting this morning and has gotten steadily worse, might be making a trip to the hospital tonight.

A few more things on the positive note, Matt has been SO great tonight, he made supper and cleaned up everything. We also borrowed Auntie C's van till tomorrow and another friend has offered to lend us one of their vehicles for a few days too.
Hopefully my back feels better by tomorrow.

(* Saleing - I don't think this is a word but oh well. I couldn't think of how else to spell it. Maybe sale-ing?)

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