Monday, August 30, 2010

Could you pass the motivation please?

How do I motivate myself ?

I have NO idea. One of the many things I lack is motivating myself to do something I don't want to, like cleaning for example. I know how to clean but would rather do about a million other things.
I can make the house look presentable in half an our when there are people coming over, but I can't invite guests to our house every evening, we would all be tired of that after a while.

I have tried pretending there is going to be company but that never works either. I do love the feeling of a clean home and the satisfaction of accomplishing a lot in a day, its just tough to get going.

So what do I do? Work harder is the only answer I can come up with. Maybe I should get some good energetic music ( flight of the bumble bee anyone?) maybe that would work.
And just doing it. It seems that seems to be the answer to a lot of things, just do it and it will get better and become a habit and maybe even enjoyable.


  1. Music always helps me. Really energetic music. Also, a reason to get it finished quickly, like if I get this done, then I can have half an hour to read, or some other reward. Also, talking on the phone while doing boring repetitious jobs really helps. Try calling your mom, lol!

  2. I've has this same conversation with myself. You'll figure it out!